Jonah Weiner


I’m a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and a contributing writer at 

The New York Times Magazine. I've written features for The New Yorker and columns for Slate, where I was pop critic from 2009-2012. My writing has also appeared in New York, Businessweek, Details, Glamour, The Village Voice, Travel & Leisure, and Entertainment Weekly, among other publications.

My New York Times Magazine cover story about Jerry Seinfeld was included in Oxford University Press' Humor anthology. My Slate profile of Kanye West was included in ASME’s Best American Magazine Writing anthology. My New York Times Magazine feature about “Dwarf Fortress” was included on The Verge’s Best Tech Writing list. At Rolling Stone I’ve written cover stories about Emma Stone, James Franco, Paul McCartney, Daft Punk, Jimmy Kimmel, Anchorman, Nicki Minaj, and more.

Longform interviewed me for their journalism podcast; you can find the episode here. I’ve also appeared on NPR, NBC, MTV, CNN and WNYC. 

I was born in Brooklyn and live in Oakland.

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